Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Yesterday, I had a babysitter come over and watch my 3 kids. When I left, everything seemed to be under control. By the time I got home, I asked her how everything was.....Apparently, my 2 year old was taking a nap and he picked apart a pillow pet and cotton was everywhere in the room. My two older kids (5 and 7) decided to have a stuffed animal fight. Bottom line, it was too chaotic for her and she told me that she would not watch my kids again. I was kind of bummed out, but I decided to NAMASTE her. Basically, I blessed her and thanked her for showing up for me. This experience taught me how important it is to be love-based. When love is the motivation, all the chaos is OK. I realized that the babysitter judged this experience and she made the assumption that my kids were "naughty." This is not who they are or definitive of who they are. Seeing others in the light of love is the most powerful way to see who they really are.

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