Monday, 19 December 2011

The Perfect Man

I met a man today who was selling mistletoe and pine cones outside of my favorite restaurant. He was very difficult to look at because he had burn scares all over his face and he was blind. When I left the restaurant I gave him five dollars and said, "Merry Christmas". I thought that I would feel better, but I was wrong. The broken judgment of who I perceived this man to be was still in my mind. I started to imagine him with pure love and compassion. I started to see him without the scars smiling in his perfect state. I loved this man and who he really was... a perfect , whole being. I called Jacque after the experience and I felt so happy at the new image in my mind. "What you just experienced" explained Jacque, "was NAMASTE". Many of you may know that Namaste means- "The God/Goddess within you recognizes the God/Goddess within me". It is motivated by pure love and compassion and truly recognizes the perfection in each one of us. I am grateful for the lesson that this man taught me.

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