Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Energy Circles

Energy Circles can be a powerful tool to help you create what you would like. You can attract more abundance, better health, and even get rid of bad habits that do not serve your highest good. You can replace the negative with a positive "I am" statement. For example, let's say that you are struggling with a weight issue. You would begin to change the negative thoughts about your body by saying, "I am creating a healthy, happy body."

When you know what statement you would like to say, simply throw the energetic statement into the circle with your hands (like throwing an imaginary ball). Repeat the same statement (or a series of positive affirmations) at least three times. Feel the positive energy as it builds and takes shape. Step into this circle and step into the new energy that you have just created. What does it feel like to have a healthy, happy body? Imagine yourself exactly as you would be if the creation of your desire were instant. Allow yourself to stay in this new positively charged energy for a few minutes. You are in a new energy of the new you!

*Note- This exercise is most powerful when done regularly.

This circle was created in my backyard with stones. These circles can be created in any way, even by drawing them with a piece of paper.

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