Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Change of Heart

This picture was taken at the Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon. It is a very tranquil place that fills your soul with peace.

Karol Truman has created an amazing script on forgiveness. She is the author of
two of our favorite books, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die and Healing Feelings from the Heart. You can energetically transform difficult relationships by using this script as a tool.

SAY: "Heart to heart...(name the person) It is wonderful to know you. (State the beautiful qualities of this person.) Thank you for showing up for me and teaching me (even if it is through a negative experience). I am so grateful for you in my life. Heart to heart, I behold you with eyes of love and glory in your perfection. If I have done or said anything that has offended you, will you forgive me?"

This allows a "change of heart" to take place. It is important not to judge yourself or others from past experiences. It does not define who you are or who they are. By releasing these emotions, the past is left behind. By being present, you are allowing the re-creation of yourself and your future every day.

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