Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Zen Gardens

This is a picture of a Zen Garden that my daughter made.... These gardens have been used by monks for centuries. Here they would contemplate the teachings of the Buddha. Here they would connect themselves to a deeper sense of knowing and mediation. (The word "Zen" is translated to mean "meditative"). In a classical Zen Garden, the sand represents the water and waves. It replicates the relaxing sound of water as it is being raked. The rocks placed in the sand represent the mountains or land. The concept of the Zen Garden reminds the self of the stillness within that has always existed and that will always exist. Being in a state of Zen, centers and balances the body-connecting the Earth element (masculine) with the Water element (feminine).Having a Zen Garden is a simplistic way to center and reorganize your energies. It is a simple stress reduction technique by raking the sand to replicate the sound of the waves. Being "zen" truly does bring one back to a meditative state....

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