Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Connecting to Mother Earth

Imagine yourself as a baby. What was it like? How did you feel? What was your experience? Did you feel love coming from your parents? Imagine that you had a loving mother- a Mother Earth, who wrapped her arms around you. You were in a space of Divine Love. Your loving mother took her arms and intertwined them with your legs. She gently rooted your legs into the Earth, grounding you into this life experience, and you felt that stability all throughout your body and soul. Through loving guidance, she rooted your legs into the center of the Earth, connecting you to your earth star. Your roots are now wrapped in Divine love. You are connected. You are here for a divine purpose.

SAY: I am here. I am safe. (3 times) I allow my divine healing to take place now. I am in a space of love. I allow my root chakra to connect to Mother Earth. I am accepted and it is safe to be here. Through divine love and healing, I am now connected to Mother Earth. It is done. Thank you.

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