Sunday, 24 April 2011

A Peace Offering

A Despacho literally means an "offering" in Spanish. In Peru, these are sacred offerings to Mother Earth and its environment. This is our version of a Despacho and any variation will do when infused with blessings and intention:

1st, we grounded ourselves, imagining roots growing form our legs to the center of the Earth. This is an important energy technique.
2nd, we made Despachos. We used 7 different flowers each. We blew a prayer or intention into each one. For example, one of my prayers was that Mother Earth would be treated with love and compassion as she shows us her mercy and kindness. We also celebrated by drinking sparkling cider. It was fun!
3rd, we wrapped the flowers like a present...Next, we created a sacred space to allow a healing to take place. A simple prayer or blessing will do.
Lastly, we offered our Despacho to Mother Earth. You can burn the gift or bury it in the Earth. We burned our gifts with white sage, lavender, and rosemary, a Shamanic tradition.

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